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How To Get Titles In Overwatch 2

How To Get Titles In Overwatch 2

In a competitive game like Overwatch 2, your achievements speak a lot about you as a gamer. Titles are awarded for achieving certain feats. Your title will show under your username that you can show off to other players. There are tons of titles in this game to achieve and each one can showcase your game style. In this article, we will tell you how to get titles in Overwatch 2.

How To Get Titles In Overwatch 2

How to Get Titles in Overwatch 2

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There are multiple ways you can get your hands on titles in Overwatch 2. You can either grind the Battle Pass, complete the Challenges, or grind Competitive Mode to earn titles.

Titles in Challenges

You can earn several titles in challenges. To do so:

  • Click on Challenges on your Homescreen
  • In challenges go to Lifetime
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • There you will see a ‘T’ with a title written below it
  • Each one will have a description of how you can earn that title

For Example, you will have to win 250 games in any mode to earn the ‘Stalwart’ title. For the ‘Assassin’ title, you will have 250 games as any Damage Hero in Quick Play or Competitive Play. And so on.

Titles in Battle Pass

Battle Pass titles will require you to do some serious grinding. You will have to reach Tier Level 80 out of 200 to unlock titles in Overwatch 2. At level 85, you will unlock the ‘Nomad’ title, at level 95, ‘Neogun’, and so on.

Titles in Competitive Mode

Competitive mode is not available to new players in the game. To unlock Competitive mode in Overwatch 2, you will have to win 50 Quick Play (Unrated) matches. That will qualify you for Competitive matches. Winning in Competitive mode will earn you a different set of titles. For example, winning 250 Games in any competitive match will earn you the ‘Adept Competitor’ title.

How To Get Titles In Overwatch 2

How to Equip Titles in Overwatch 2

To equip titles in Overwatch 2:

  • Simply got to Career Profile
  • Go over to Customization
  • Click on Player Titles
  • Select the title you want to equip


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