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School of Dragons Free Gems guide

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School of Dragons Free Gems guide

School of Dragons Free Gems guide – We provide you the best methods to farm more than 1,000 gems monthly totally free.

School of Dragons Free Gems – Log In

You should already know tat you can get 40 gems in 5 days. Even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal, that means 80 gems in 10 days, or 240 monthly gems, or nearly 3,000 gems per year.

School of Dragons Free Gems – Second Profile

Maybe this is the best tip of this guide to earn free gems. Because if you have 2 profiles you can double the gems you earn. And if you just use the log in method, but with 2 profiles, you can earn 160 gems in 10 days, 480 monthly gems, or nearly 6,000 gems per year.

So yes, if you really want to farm gems, you need 2 profiles

School of Dragons Free Gems – Invite friends

You can earn up to 250 free gems by inviting friends. You will get 50 gems per invited fried, and you can invite up to 5 friends. They will also earm 25 gems just for being invited.

So is not a farming method, but if you are looking for free gems and you don’t need to much, it is quite easy. You can invite youf friends & family, claim your 50 gems, and if they don’t want to play they can uninstall the game

School of Dragons Free Gems – Stable Quests

You can also replace the quests that you are not going to complete. But be careful, if you have not completed the quest because you don’t have the required dragon, is better to keep the quest until you get the dragon

Battle Events Rewards

Battle Events’ rewards ar great, you can get almost anything, from dragon eggs to saddles to (of course) gems. And there are new Battle Events ever 2 hours. So it is a great farming method, and not only for gems. But of course the better rewards are in Gold events

Hacks & External Software

As you can see you don’t need hacks. And we will never recommend the use of hacks or any external sofware that could damage your device


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